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Jim Pharis binbrain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 06:16:07 EST 2009

So developing in Z3 had several perceived benefits no? The problem is that
in many cases existing projects couldn't just move to Z3 and start using the
CA. From Z3 development was born ZTK, a modular CA implementation that Z2
could now leverage, and I thought in theory all the Z3 CA goodness was now
brought to us in Z2 development.

I have several existing Z2 Products that aren't going anywhere. Now I want
to start developing new stuff using CA paradigms in Z2. This seems like it
should now be possible because Z2.12 itself is now built on ZTK. However,
I'm running into problems. For example, zcml directives such as the one in
name="containerViews" aren't wired into Z2.12 it seems. Trying to use
<browser:containerViews throws an 'Unknown directive' error. That's just 1
example. Well I could start wiring all this stuff myself, it seems like that
should be done already.

- Jim

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 5:51 AM, Andreas Jung <lists at zopyx.com> wrote:

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> Jim Pharis wrote:
> > What's my use case for developing Zope3ish/ZTKish in Zope2 instead
> > of just using Zope3? All the preceived benefits of Zope3 now
> > available in Zope2 well still being able to use all our Zope 2
> > Products. I thought basing Zope2.12 on ZTK bridged the 2 worlds.
> >
> Do you want to develop a minimal ZTK/Zope-3 based application?
> So you don't deal with the 10-year old code cruft of Zope 2 -
> or? What is in the Zope 3/ZTK modules not missing?
> - -aj
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