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Fri Dec 25 09:31:10 EST 2009

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 11:53, Jim Pharis <binbrain at gmail.com> wrote:
> So the line you reference in site.zcml is the same for me, and it says look
> in package-includes/*-configure.zcml. That child dir wasn't actually created
> though so theres nothing in it.

That's correct. But your question was where that directory had gone.
Well, nowehere.

>>> But what is missing is the package-includes directory that
>> > provides the wiring to zcml directives in the varies packages.

Yup, it's missing. But all you need to do is create it.

>>> Why are those configurations missing from Zope2.12.2 etc/?

They aren't. Only the directory is. If you are asking where all the
default bindings are, they are on Zope2 itself, to a large extent in

> So developing in Z3 had several perceived benefits no? The problem is that
> in many cases existing projects couldn't just move to Z3 and start using the
> CA. From Z3 development was born ZTK, a modular CA implementation

Zope 3 was always modular. It was released as one package up until
3.4, where is was released as separate packages. ZTK is *not* those
separate packages, but a subset of them, created only this year. More
specifically, the ZTK is *not* a compatibility layer between Zope 2
and Zope 3.

> that Z2 could now leverage, and I thought in theory all the Z3 CA goodness was now
> brought to us in Z2 development.

That has been available since Zope 2.8.

> I have several existing Z2 Products that aren't going anywhere. Now I want
> to start developing new stuff using CA paradigms in Z2.


> This seems like it should now be possible because Z2.12 itself is now built on ZTK.

It's possibly with older Zopes too. Although I would avoid 2.8 and 2.9
if I where you. Five was still in heavy development then, it has
cooled down quite a bit since. :-)

> However,
> I'm running into problems. For example, zcml directives such as the one in
> zope.app.container-3.8.0-py2.6.egg/zope/app/container/browser/meta.zcml:
> name="containerViews" aren't wired into Z2.12 it seems. Trying to use
> <browser:containerViews throws an 'Unknown directive' error. That's just 1
> example. Well I could start wiring all this stuff myself, it seems like that
> should be done already.

Yeah, generally it's tricky to use zope.app.anything in Zope 2.

> I still can't easily develop using those methods.

Yes, you can. But many of the Zope 3 eggs are built for Zope 3 and
Zope 3 only. Those can't be used outside Zope 3. The ZTK doesn't
change that. zope.app.container is one of those. It's currently a
dependency for ZTK, but as I understand it, that is to be changed. The
reuseable parts of zope.app.container are to be moved out to

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