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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Dec 25 16:35:40 EST 2009

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Jim Pharis wrote:
> Yes, I'm running into missing bits in various places. So even though Z2.12
> is based on ZTK eggs, and ZTK eggs are designed using all the CA goodness, I
> still can't easily develop using those methods.

Going on Five years now, I have build building Z2 apps using the
"methods" (component architecture, ZCML-driven registration, views
instead of skins).  This period started with the release of Zope 2.8,
which included the Five product, making those techniques available to Z2

> So I'm left leaving this
> conversation thinking that I'm back to developing Products using the
> esoteric manage_* methods, even in 2.12.

The ZMI ia an application which has certain expectataions of content:
chiefly, that it expose a 'manage_options' attribute to tell the ZMI
what to do about tabs.  If you don't need to tweak your app inside the
ZMI, you don't need any of that.

The ZTK is a set of libraries, *not* another appserver / framework
designed to replace Zope2.  You can use as many of those libraries as
you like inside a Z2 app (modulo some possible dependency issues between
versinos of the libraries required by the current Z2 vs. those required
by a given version of the ZTK).

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