[Zope] Disabling ZEO file cache?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Feb 4 13:35:07 EST 2009

Morten W. Petersen wrote at 2009-2-2 18:23 +0100:
>how does one go about in the configuration file to disable the
>ZEO file-caching feature?

What is the ZEO file-caching feature?

When you mean the persistent ZEO client cache feature, then
"ZODB/component.xml" --> "zeoclient" tells you about all available
options, especially:

    <key name="client">
        Enables persistent cache files.  The string passed here is
        used to construct the cache filenames.  If it is not
        specified, the client creates a temporary cache that will
        only be used by the current object.


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