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Fri Feb 20 09:20:16 EST 2009

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On 20.02.2009 15:14 Uhr, deconya wrote:
> Hi
> Im new in this list and I need help for my first steps. Im received a
> server with zope installed to administer 3 webs but one has the problem
> that fails the configuration to establish the initial page. Im searching
> where you can configure to publish the webs but I could see the process
> to publish but no where you can put the initial page inside zope. Im
> sure the question es stupid but I need to resolve urgently this problem
> and Im not pacience to read all the manual. Someone can help me?

This description is pretty poor. In general: the mapping of domains ->
Zope host/port is known as "virtual hosting" and usually configured
through rewrite rules or something similar within your front-end proxy
(Apache, Squid & friends) - or old fashioned through settings
within the instance of the "virtual host monster" somewhere in the root
of the ZMI.

- -aj
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