[Zope] How to use ZCatalog to create a sitemap

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Thu Jan 15 07:33:48 EST 2009

I use recursive DTML method for cca 500 folders in about 8 levels. Rendering 
tooks under 1 second, with relativelly complex rendering (javascript menu, 
tables, background images and styles by URL...). I use one hour RAM cache 
for this method.

To even even more folders, it is better to use external method, which is 
much faster and you dont need to use cache (only browser's cache - use HTTP 
cache object).

Both ways I use, but external method sometime need to recompile after server 
restart (click to "save changes" button).

I think, that using Zcatalog for this issue is not the right way.

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From: Rupesh P Raj

I am trying to use ZCatalog to create a sitemap. For that I created a 
ZCatalog object. In "Find Objects" tab, I selected objects of type Page 
Template and DTML Document, I selected the permission as "Access Transient 

What options should I select for creating a sitemap. Am I going in the 
correct way? Please advice.

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