[Zope] ZopeProfiler and Kcachegrind, how to convert statistics files ?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jan 28 13:46:09 EST 2009

Jean-Michel FRANCOIS wrote at 2009-1-28 16:56 +0100:
>Is someone has try to use ZopeProfiler with KCacheGrind ? I would like
>to try KCachegrind because i found xdot very slow.
>I have started to read the code of ZopeProfiler and i have discovered
>the world of profiling file format. It seems that ZopeProfiler save it's
>file in pstats format. So i need to convert those file to calltree
>format. But all scripts i have tryed has failed:
>* pyprof2calltree
>* lsprofcalltree.py
>* hotshot2calltree
>So am i on the wrong way ? Do i need to fix one of these script ? Are
>you using on of them ?

You could try "pyprof2calltree" from the Python interpreter in
the following way:

    from marshal import load
    from pyprof2calltree import visualize # or convert
    stats = load(open(name_of_saved_file, 'rb'))

Not sure whether it will work (it probably will when "pyprof2calltree" does
not expect a more modern 'pstats' format).


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