[Zope] Problem with POST and text/xml

Jonathan (dev101) dev101 at magma.ca
Sat Jul 11 14:24:55 EDT 2009

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> Jonathan (dev101) wrote:
>> Just out of curiosity I ran a test using content-type of 
>> 'application/xml'
>> and zope does not raise the xmlrpc error (as it does with content-type of
>> 'text/xml'), but the POST content is not available within the REQUEST
>> object.
>> This appears to be the same problem that I encountered using a 
>> content-type
>> of 'text/xml' with the xmlrpc test turned off (ie. no xmlrpc error, but 
>> no
>> POST data).
> Look into REQUEST['BODY']
> Regards
> Michael

Most excellent, thanks!

I am now investing the possibility of using the RequestHeader directive of 
the Apache mod_header module to rewrite the content-type from "text/xml" to 
"application/xml" (we use Apache as a reverse proxy in front of zope).

If i get it to work I'll post the work-around...


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