[Zope] ZSyncer-0.71 problems

Dennis Allison allison at shasta.stanford.edu
Sun Jul 19 20:03:31 EDT 2009

Zope 2.11, Python 2.4

The authentication issue has been resolved.  Our Zopes run with Pound as a 
reverse proxy front-end.  Current versions of Pound demand conformity to 
the http protocol which ZSyncer violates.  The error returned 
was interpreted incorrectly as an Authentication Error.  Connecting 
directly within the subnet resolved that problem.

Now there is another problem.  My setup has at the source machine has 


as the destination and selects the ConnectionMgr and relative paths.  
The user:pass is a special user for transfers and has Manager permissions.
In our setup, the zsyncerinstance is in the root directory so it should make 
no difference.  Experimentally, it makes no difference--unchecking the 
relaive feature throws the same error.

"Sync" throws an error with a traceback:

# EOFError
# Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/Zope2.11/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_Try.py", line 149, in 
result = render_blocks(self.section, md)
File "/opt/Zope2.11/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_Util.py", line 196, in 
return eval(code, d)
File "", line 0, in ?
File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ZSyncer.py", line 
in manage_compare
File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ZSyncer.py", line 
in _compare_path
dest_base_info, dest_sub_info = self._getRemoteList(remote, path)
File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ZSyncer.py", line 
in _getRemoteList
return serverconn.manage_listObjects(path)
File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ConnectionMgr.py", line 
183, in __call__
ok,rd = cPickle.loads(data)

which has me baffled.  Any suggestions?   Other folks have been using 
ZSyncer without problems on Zope 2.11.

Dieter, you contributed the ConnectionMgr patch -- do you have any idea 
where things might be failing?

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