[Zope] ZSyncer-0.71 problems

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Jul 20 00:28:07 EDT 2009

Dennis Allison wrote at 2009-7-19 17:03 -0700:
>Zope 2.11, Python 2.4
> ...
># EOFError
># Traceback (most recent call last):
> ...
>dest_base_info, dest_sub_info = self._getRemoteList(remote, path)
>File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ZSyncer.py", line 
>in _getRemoteList
>return serverconn.manage_listObjects(path)
>File "/opt/zope/zinstances/xxx/Products/ZSyncer/ConnectionMgr.py", line 
>183, in __call__
>ok,rd = cPickle.loads(data)
>which has me baffled.  Any suggestions?   Other folks have been using 
>ZSyncer without problems on Zope 2.11.
>Dieter, you contributed the ConnectionMgr patch -- do you have any idea 
>where things might be failing?

The traceback tells you that "cPickle.loads(data)" fails with
an "EOFError". This means that "data" does not contain a valid pickle.

Use a tcp logger to check where the error is introduced (remote ZSyncer,
local ZSyncer, in between).


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