[Zope] Disable local loopback connections

Tom tmst at nethere.com
Wed Jul 29 01:42:09 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 28 July 2009, Andrew Milton wrote:
> +-------[ Tom ]----------------------
> | Greetings. I hate computers and especially networks but I love
> | software languages and programming. Zope is tolerable as a medium
> | to allow me to express creative language use.  Thanks for
> | listening. :-)
> |
> | BTW, I would like to be able to test my server's connectivity from
> | the Internet. Something goofy occasionally happens with the damned
> | computer/firewall/network interface/network card, etc. etc. etc...
> | A reboot puts things back in order.
> Your IP changed and your firewall didn't change its rules to match?
Hmm...would have to test this. The only rule I'm aware of is the one to 
allow HTTP connections on port 80, so I think it's unlikely.
> | So, I would like to be able to submit a request via the httplib
> | Python module and have it _not_ use the local loopback. There must
> | be a way to preface a request URL with the gateway or something but
> | I'd have to go back to school to figure it out. And I'm tired of
> | school. It's expensive and not all instructors are worth their
> | class time.
> Is there a question in there, or just a statement about things you
> like and don't like?
Ahem. Yes, I think the question implied in my rambling monologue is "How 
would one specify a URL in a browser or from a script so that the local 
machine doesn't look at it's IP table or whatever and say, 'Hey, that's 
me. I don't have to go over the Internet for this.'"

I suspect there's probably a different way of doing this like disabling 
the local loopback in the network interface but such is beyond me.


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