[Zope] Is there a Zope migration tool?

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sun Jun 7 13:13:34 EDT 2009

On 07.06.09 19:02, Aleksey Tsalolikhin wrote:
> My Zope 2.10 server tells me:
>     Note: Zope can export/import objects in two dfferent formats:
>     a binary format (called ZEXP) and as XML. The ZEXP format
>     is the officially supported export/import format for moving data
>     between identicial Zope installations (it is not a migration tool).
>     The XML export/import is unsupported (and possibly broken
>     under certain circumstances) - use it at your own risk.
> I am moving a Web app from Zope 2.7 to 2.10.   I exported it
> from 2.7 and imported to 2.10 and this worked.  But then I saw
> the above note.  Is there a migration tool?  Where is it, please?

Since migrations are application specific, you usually have to write
a migration script yourself. Zope does not know about changes in your
- that's why Zope can not provide any kind of migration mechanism for you -
except providing the low-level export/import on the Python pickle level.

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