[Zope] VHM missing 'mappings' tab in Safari 4 - just me?

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Jun 19 12:20:18 EDT 2009

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Sean Fulmer wrote:
> Tres Seaver <tseaver at ...> writes:
>> Sean Fulmer wrote:
>>> Hi all - I recently upgraded to Safari 4 on Leopard 10.5.7. Since doing
>>> so, my Zopes' VHM objects no longer show me the 'Mappings' (mange_edit)
>>> tab. The same thing happens in recent WebKit nightlies.
>>> It does not appear to be a rendering bug - the tab isn't even the markup.
>>> Other browsers I've tried (Firefox 3.0.11, Opera 9.65, Camino 2.0b3) don't
>>> exhibit the problem.
>>> I've checked this on Zope 2.8.5 and 2.10.5 with the same result.
>>> I realize this is more of a Safari problem than a Zope problem, but I was
>>> just curious if anyone else had run into this, and if so, could suggest a
>>> solution.
>> This smells like a permissions problem, and particularly the "Add Site
>> Roots" permission.  Is "Site Root" in the ZMI add menu when you use Safari?
>> in Firefox?  And are you double-sure that you are logging in with the same
>> credentials in both browsers? To double check, don't let either browser
>> supply the password:  type it yourself.
> Thanks for the advice! 
> I've checked my authentication in both browsers, and they are the same.
> SiteRoot does appear in the Add menu in Safari, and I'm able to add one with
> no complaints from Zope.
> I should mention that I have no problems setting my VHM mappings, eg I can
> manually navigate to http://domain.com/virtual_hosting/manage_edit in Safari 4
> and set the mappings. It's just that virtual_hosting/manage_main does not
> present the link, eg:
> manage_main: 
> http://shots.noandwhere.com/vhm_manage_main_missing_mappings_tab.png
> When I do go to manage_edit directly, the Mappings tab *does* appear: 
> http://shots.noandwhere.com/vhm_manage_edit_has_mappings.png
> Crazy, right?

Also, see Chris McDonough's report of a similar issue with Safari 3:


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