[Zope] can I use my existing twisted rpc app in zope.

Krishnakant krmane at gmail.com
Sat May 2 04:45:49 EDT 2009

hello all,
I am new to this mailing list and pritty new to zope as well.

I have been reading the zope wiki and trying to find many answers to all
the questions I have about this very powerful application server.

My first question is, should I use zope 2 or zope3 for a financial/
accounting software?  I am not intending to develop just a web site but
a complete web application which will be used in fields like Point of
Sales and micro finance.  I feel I must go for zope 3 because the wiki
says that zope3 is targeted at application developers for the web.

But at the same time I am unsure whether zope3 has products for tasks
such as open office integration and call to a database.

This brings me to the second and the main question for which I am
writing this email.
I have a team of python developers working on the core logic of the
system and they have already written  an RPC based server application
containing the entire core logic.

Right now we use a gtk based thin client to make calls to the rpc server
based API.
I would be interested to know if I can directly take this twisted based
rpc server application and put it inside zope.

What I mean is that I would like to directly integrate my already
developed rpc server application inside zope in such a way that it sits
in the server and I can let people write clients to make calls on the
server either through other zope products as clients or any other

So is this possible and should zope3 be the right choice for this?

happy hacking.

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