[Zope] [Zope-dev] zope2.12.a04 / relstorage / zodbconvert.py errors

Jürgen Herrmann Juergen.Herrmann at XLhost.de
Wed May 6 10:47:58 EDT 2009

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Jürgen Herrmann wrote:
> > ZConfig.SchemaResourceError: import name does not refer to a package
> >   Package name: 'relstorage'
> >   File name: 'component.xml'
> >   Package path: None
> I need to make a new release of RelStorage before this will work.
> RelStorage 1.1.3 does not work with ZODB 3.9, but the current RelStorage
> trunk does.  I intend to package and release a compatible version today
> or tomorrow.
> FWIW, I suspect ZConfig is attempting to import relstorage and getting
> an ImportError due to the incompatibility, but then ZConfig is
> converting the ImportError into a strange SchemaResourceError.  It would
> be much better if ZConfig just propagated the ImportError.
> Shane

hi shane.

i tried your 1.2.0beta release today and it works like a charm.
python version is now 2.6.2 and zope version 2.12.0b1

thanks for your support!

best regards,
jürgen herrmann
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