[Zope] bug? pagetemplate using strftime

Miguel Beltran R. yourpadre at gmail.com
Thu May 7 15:16:10 EDT 2009

> If you strftime to show the hour and minute too, you will see as I
> previously said it is showing you the time in UTC (as determined by how
> many hours is it out).
I made a test  with date 2009/05/07 using
<dtml-var "fecha.timezone" > -- dmYzZ=<dtml-var fecha fmt="%d/%m/%Y %z %Z">
-- c=<dtml-var fecha fmt="%c"> -- x<dtml-var fecha fmt="%x"> -- X<dtml-var
fecha fmt="%X">

and show this
<bound )="" 07="" 05="" 2009="" datetime(="" of="" datetime.timezone=""
method=""> -- dmYzZ=06/05/2009   -- c=05/06/09 19:00:00 -- x05/06/09 --

here I  see what you said me, the hour is gmt-0500.

If add in zope.conf
      TZ America/Mexico_City

or in runzope.bat
@set TZ=America/Mexico_City

nothing change, render the same what before add TZ

now, how I can show the correct date? help please
I use MS Sql Server 2000 with field smalldatetime
I never used before timezone.
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