[Zope] Should I use a recent version of Zope 2?

Velayudhan, Vimalkumar vimal at ucc.ie
Sun May 17 04:49:18 EDT 2009

That solved the confusion. I wasn't aware that gadfly support has been
removed from later versions of Zope.


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Gadfly is old and unsupported and has been removed from Zope releases


On Sat, May 16, 2009 at 18:27, Velayudhan, Vimalkumar <vimal at ucc.ie>

	Thanks Andreas. We certainly wanted to migrate to PostgreSQL due
	other problems with gadfly. At present, the website is being
	continuously and I see no other way of fixing the issue quickly
	than migrating to a higher version of Python. I am not sure how
long the
	migration to PostgreSQL would take as I could not find any
method to
	import a gadfly database into postgres.I am afraid I will have
to export
	data from all the tables and import them back into Postgres and
	the scripts using the connection.

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