[Zope] Pyexpat and Zope 2.9.5

Fabian Schoeck fabian.schoeck at physik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue May 19 03:47:58 EDT 2009

Dear list,

I am trying to get Zope 2.9.5 compiled with Python 2.4.3 using the
python-ldap module. I compiled my own Python and copied the
site-packages, so the ldap module is available. When I run "import
ldap", the module is imported correctly.
Then I run "configure" in my Zope folder, which gives me the
notification that I need pyexpat installed. However, I do have the
pyexpat.so exactly in the run path that it should be (the path is also
printed in the error message). Is this a known problem or could you give
me advice what I am doing wrong?
If I compile Zope with the --ignore-expat option, then I get the
following error message ('xml.sax.drivers2.drv_pyexpat'), so this is not
an option for me.


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