[Zope] Large BTreeFolder2 batching/pagination

Ken Ara feedreader at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 18:04:56 EST 2009

We have some BTreeFolder2's containing hundreds of thousands of objects, even one containing over 2 million instances of Folder. That is really no problem in itself. 

Under our setup, beyond 300-400,000 contained objects, the batching provided by getBatchObjectListing becomes unusable. I've seen this problem mentioned somewhere but never any hint of a solution.

We have a new application that will require pagination, or ideally, the ability to go forward and back through the items (any order). Is there a way to refer to the contained items by something like offset? It might be easy if the objects had sequential, consecutive numeric ids, but sadly this cannot be the case.

We are using the BTreeFolder2-1.0.2 version that came with Zope 2.10.



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