[Zope] Large BTreeFolder2 batching/pagination

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Nov 2 05:36:15 EST 2009

Am 02.11.09 11:28, schrieb Ken Ara:
> I agree it is hard to imagine, but I am just the web guy...
> If I dare to guess, I would say that what they want to do is improve
> access to the information for the users. The two million objects are
> strongly interlinked, so this is the navigation system used up to now.
> But why not open it up to browsing?

Because no human can deal in a reasonable way with 500k object..build
your *own*
custom and working navigation throughout the data records...presenting
the ZMI view for BTreefolders to a human is just sick.
> For the content team, it might also be nice to use the ZMI or similar
> when working with this content.
> We have not been successful to create a Catalog of this many objects.
> The process seemed to time out after many hours, probably
> hardware-bound. Also, the size of the resulting ZODB is of concern,
> but we may try again with the Catalog on a mounted database.
we have ZCatalogs with millions of objects..likely you are indexing
everything within one big transaction
without using savepoints or subtransactions..

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