[Zope] sharing instance_home?

Jürgen Herrmann Juergen.Herrmann at XLhost.de
Wed Nov 4 08:59:48 EST 2009

currently i'm running a single zope2 process with relstorage
as storage backend. to improve performance for our end users
i'd like to fire up a 2nd zope2 process that will handle all
internal background processes and db packing.

for simplicity's sake i'd like to share the instance_home
directory between these two processes, just use a different
config file to enter a different http port for each server.

no how can i run 2 zope processes from the same instance
home with 2 different config files?
modifying $INSTANCE_HOME/zopectl to include a different
config file name does not work, as it's also contained in
$INSTANCE_HOME/runzope. renaming/modifying runzope does not
work either, as it's name is hardcoded somewhere in zopectl.

thanks in advance and best regards,
jürgen herrmann
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