[Zope] sharing instance_home?

Jürgen Herrmann Juergen.Herrmann at XLhost.de
Thu Nov 5 07:15:01 EST 2009

On Wed, November 4, 2009 15:05, Chris Withers wrote:
> Jürgen Herrmann wrote:
>> no how can i run 2 zope processes from the same instance
>> home with 2 different config files?
> What version of Zope is this?
> Should be fine, provided the instances are configured to use different pid files, log files,
local zodb cache files, etc...
> Chris

a few observations:
 - running several zope processes inside one instance_home is
   very simple via modified runzope shell scripts (just modify
   config filename)
 - trying the same via zopectl is a pita because:
   o when doing a "zopectl start" it calls runzope in the end
     and does not pass the config filename, instead runzope uses
     the hardcoded one in itself
   o zopectl abviously uses hard coded socket name and the daemon
     manager refuses to start up twice...
   o i got tired trying to fix that stuff, as making my own set of
     startup scripts calling runzope only took me very little time.
     works for me now.
     what's the point of that really complex daemon manager anyway?
 - i have not observed any product that puts runtime data in the
   instance_home, except ThreadSafeCounter which uses lock files in
   instance_home/var. i want to share these lock files between
   processes anyway, so this is rather good than bad. no problems
   with my other products.

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