[Zope] persistent sessions with ZEO not working

Marko Kruijer marko at oktober.nl
Fri Nov 13 06:14:37 EST 2009

I'm maintaining a ZEO cluster setup that currently consists of 2 Zope 
clients and 1 ZEO server (Zope version is 2.10.5.)

I'm using sessions on the hosted site and am having trouble sharing them 
across the 2 servers.

I've done a config as described here: 

Everything runs fine, except my sessions 'change' randomly. For example 
if I output my SESSION data I notice that the sessions ID is not 
persistent over i.e. 10 page loads.
The contents of the sessions also change, of course.

Am I missing something here? The central storage of the sessions should 
fix this if i'm correct, but it doesn't.
Is this impossible to do, or is another issue causing this stange behaviour?

best regards,

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