[Zope] Get raw data (byte array) from flash in Zope

Dragos Chirila objectvalues at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 06:30:21 EST 2009

Hello everyone,

I have a question about how to get raw data sent by a flash
application in Zope (a zope method/function).

The flash application uses the method in the link below to send to the
server an image (jpg):


Searching through the internet I have found a PHP example that gets
this byte array sent from flash:


They are getting the date form a header called HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA.

The question is: how can I get this data on the server side in Zope? Becasue:

- REQUEST.form is empty
- HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is missing
- there is no other key or value in the REQUEST to indicate the value
I am looking for

On my local devel machine I managed to find a solution:

- using Zope 2.10.3 I have enabled use-wsgi (on) (without apache)
- in zope, the method called from flash is something like this:

	v = REQUEST.environ['wsgi.input']
	f = open(join(SOME_PATH, 'image.jpg'), 'wb')
	return '1'

This solution doesn't work on the production environment - Zope 2.11.4
with ZEO (pound and apache in the front of zope as load balancer and
web server).

Is there a way to solve this problem? Any idea is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Dragos Chirila
objectValues at gmail.com
(+4) 0722 395375

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