[Zope] Prevent a logger from writing to event.log

Jonathan (dev101) dev101 at magma.ca
Fri Oct 16 08:27:20 EDT 2009

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Subject: [Zope] Prevent a logger from writing to event.log

> Hi,
> Is it possible to have a logger in Zope that doesn't write to the
> event.log?  All the other loggers can write to the event.log, but just 
> this
> one logger should not.

You can easily build your own:  we use an external method that any routine 
can call to log an event.  In one use case we log user actions/activity and 
the log file is actually a MySQL database (we do this so that we can 
retrieve, in real-time, previous user actions which we then use to customize 
what is presented to the user).

The advantage of "rolling your own" is that you can log whatever you want, 
in whatever format you need, whenever/wherever you need it.


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