[Zope] How to disable transaction log feature in zope

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Wed Sep 2 04:13:52 EDT 2009

Kedar Dash wrote:
> It seems that lot of system resources are getting consumed in zope 
> because of its transaction log feature. Ff course it has got its utility 
> in undoing some mistakes.
> How this feature can be disabled in zope. 

The standard FileStorage backend for ZODB and Zope is an append-only 
database.  It would not be possible to remove the append-only nature 
without a complete redesign of FileStorage.  I doubt anyone wants to 
take that on.

There are alternatives to FileStorage, however.  For example, I've 
tinkered with a version of RelStorage that does not save any history. 
It seems to work well, but I haven't released any history-free version yet.


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