[Zope] Disabling "Expand macros when editing"

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Fri Sep 4 06:19:28 EDT 2009

Damon Butler, on 2009-09-03:
> Hi,
> We just recently upgraded from various installations of Zope 2.7/2.9 to 
> Zope 2.10. The page template feature "Expand macros when editing" is 
> causing us major headaches. It is checked on by default, and as a 
> result, the instant we wish to view the source code of any ZPT, it has 
> been mangled into "expanded" form before we have a chance to do anything 
> to it.
> How can we turn this feature off globally? Right now, it is flatly 
> impossible for us to edit most of our ZPTs because the instant we even 
> look at them they are mangled. We can't even uncheck the option without 
> saving the mangled version.
> It's Catch-22 of the worst sort. Please help!

I created a fresh Zope 2.10.9 instance.  This option is not checked by
default.  But when you check it and save the form it remains checked
for that template.

Try appending ?expand:int=0 to the url.  That does the trick for me.

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