[Zope] apache rules with zope

Jonathan (dev101) dev101 at magma.ca
Fri Sep 4 18:14:25 EDT 2009

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> I'm trying to serve the files on the underlying directories straight 
> through
> apache with no zope interaction.
> My main site has all content on zope.  I now have content also on the
> filesystem I want to server without leaving the site.  From
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/ZopeAndApache I found I could supposedly use a
> rewrite condition to do such. So usiing the rewrite condition:
> RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(usage|zusage|ead2002|asu_ead)
> I thought would work.  I have found why the usage and zusage directories 
> work,
> there is a usage and zusage directory on the zope system so it hasn't been
> using the file system at all for any of them.
> Below is the excerpt from wiki.zope.org that explains how to do this, 
> which
> doesn't work for me.
> "A lot of site content is in Zope, some parts are served directly by 
> apache
> For this, we use the RewriteRule? where everything is inside Zope, but 
> slap a
> RewriteCond? in front of it:
> RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(stats|manual|static_images)
> RewriteRule ^(.*) \
> http/%{SERVER_NAME}:80/www_example_com/VirtualHostRoot$1 [L,P]

Make sure you are directing zope requests to port 8080 and apache (direct 
file access) requests to port 80 (assuming you have zope listening on 8080).


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