[Zope] Question about Upgrading Zope and OS X Server

Dan Gaibel dg76 at cornell.edu
Tue Dec 7 13:18:30 EST 2010


I have recently inherited the responsibility of supporting a fairly complex web server running Zope 2.8.6 on Python 2.3.5. This configuration is currently on a Linux (Fedora Core) server and I would like very much to migrate to OS X Server Snow Leopard. It also seems to me that I should consider upgrading Zope to a more current release while I'm at it. We heavily use MySQL and associated products, LocalFS, and the Python Imagining Library. We have a variety of ZClass homegrown products as well.

I know that I'm in for a headache no matter what, but I wonder if any of you folks could point me in the right direction or offer advice on the situation. Is it crazy to jump from 2.8.6 to 2.12? Does anyone use OS X Server for Zope? Is this migration a mistake? Any pitfalls I should be looking out for?

Many thanks,


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