[Zope] problem installing Openflow product of zope on LINUX

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 13:20:21 EST 2010

Hi Smita,

On 07/12/2010 15:26, Smita Kamdar wrote:
> I have already installed the following products on my dev RedHat LINUX m/c –
> 1) Zope-2.11.4
> 2) Python-2.4.4
> 3) Egenix-2.0.6
> 4) Postgresql-7.4.13
> 5) Psycopg-1.1.6
> 6) OpenFlow-1.1.0
> & on the live m/c also all these products are installed with a mismatch
> in versions of the products. Only in case of Database Adapter instead of
> ZPsycopgDA, ZPygresqlDA is installed on live.

Is there a reason that you are using ZPsycopgDA instead of ZPygresqlDA?

You should set the two environments up identically.

> But still when I import my project’s source code (i.e. .zexp file) from
> live to dev m/c all the code is imported successfully except it gives
> errors in Pygresql_Database_Connection & OpenFlow.
> For Pygresql_Database_Connection & Openflow it gives error as ‘This
> object from PygresqlDA product is broken’ & ‘This object from OpenFlow
> product is broken’ respectively.

If you are importing a zexp that contains a ZPygresqlDA connection and 
the ZPygresqlDA product is not properly installed, you will indeed have 
broken objects - that would apply to ZPsycopgDA too, of course. If you 
want to use the imported objects, you must have the same products 
installed (at the same versions).

I don't know anything about ZPygresqlDA (or OpenFlow, for that matter), 
but I've had similar problems with ZPsycopgDA, so the following may be 
of some help: -

First, is your DA correctly installed?

Take a look at the Control Panel in the ZMI, and scroll down to the DA 
itself - does it have a "broken product" icon? If so, this may be 
because the associated python-level product (which would be Psycopg 
itself in the case of ZPsycopgDA) is not correctly installed.

N.B. You may have to install libpq-dev to compile it.

Second, is the DA actually usable?

Even if it appears installed properly in the Control Panel, it's worth 
testing by setting up a new connection to your database.

If you have a good setup, and the error is still thrown, you would still 
need to zap the old product's connection and replace it with the new 
product's equivalent, of course

Formally, you are on your own importing a zexp file into a target 
environment that differs from the source environment. If the above does 
not help, then I'd go back and make the necessary changes to make them 
match before spending a lot of time on this.





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