[Zope] Product loading during ZopeTestCase startup

Ross Patterson me at rpatterson.net
Mon Jan 18 23:52:04 EST 2010

Encolpe Degoute
<encolpe.degoute at quadra-informatique.fr>

> Hello,
> since few days i'am facing a strange problem with egg loading in tests.
> One egg called project.site_policy is never loaded in the Products
> namespace: the ZopeLite.hasPackage('project.site_policy') always returns
> False.
> Where is the code that loads eggs and products outside
> SOFTWARE_HOME/lib/python/Products ?
> regards

If I'm understanding correctly, one need to use the five:registerPackage
ZCML directive and then use ZTC.installPackage.  Many collective.*
packages can be used as reference, including collective.formcriteria.
There are probably simper examples, but that's the first that comes to


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