[Zope] project upon zope

Christian Staffa Christian.Staffa at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 18:39:46 EDT 2011

hi zopeusers :)

I hope u can help me. I have to code a project and need advice. The thing is, i have to implement a simple accounting system and fristly i thought to use a Qt GUI with a mysql db server to realize it unless i stumpled upon zope. Then i began to read the documentation and i realized that zope is powerful. And now i want to use zope for this project but i am struggling with the implementation. anyway i am an experienced gentoo user with C/C++ skills, so my web development skills are not so matured :(

Ok as i told before i have to implement a simple user account system. user visit a course and i have to track if a user have visited all the hours, which is given by the courses definition. 

First i thought to use mysql to store the data in an rdbms but anyway i could use zodb, couldnt i? i dont know whats better and maybe u can give me an advice or u say "no, that not a goob idea; its better to". so i dont know if i am right to get to grips with zope or better use conventional gui programming for it.

btw sorry for me english; i know its grammatically not so good.

i apprectiate your comments; thanks in advance.

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