[Zope] Forcing zope to preload objects in cache

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Tue Feb 8 06:18:22 EST 2011

Use wget after minute or so after restarting.

----- Puvodní zpráva ----- 
Od: Marco Bizzarri

I've a Zope application; response time in the application is quite different 
if the cache is already loaded with data from the ZODB (a Data.fs served 
over ZEO).

The Zope/ZEO server is restarted every night, so, the cache is emptied every 
night, and the first users to access the objects in the morning suffer from 
longer response times.

I'd like to force Zope to reload the cache; of course, I could access 
various pages using a wget or something liket that; but how can I force Zope 
to 'fill' all connections, and just one?

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