[Zope] zope 2.11.4 + zmysqlda

Oliver ofabelo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 04:34:40 EDT 2011

I'm trying configure zope 2.11.4 + zmysqlda under Windows, for connecting it
to a mysql database.
I've done the next:

1) With zope stopped, I've downloaded zmysqlda, the last version 2.0.8, and
I copy it to ""C:\Zope\2.11.4\Zope\lib\
python\Products". It's a dir named "ZMySQLDA".
2) It needs for woking mysql-python, so I've downloaded the last version
1.2.2, as windows binary, of "
http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python/files/mysql-python/1.2.2/", the
file named MySQL-python-1.2.2.win32-py2.4.exe. It needs a python registered
in the windows registry, and the python of zope is not registered in the
installation, so I've added a manual entry in the registry:

HKLM\Software\python\pythoncore\2.4\InstallPath, here I put a entry as
reg_sz type with the value: "C:\Zope\2.11.4\Python\"

It works well ... For testing it, I go the zope python shell and I put:
import _mysql, it doesn't show error ...

3) I start zope service, but when I go to the dropdown "Add" in zope root
folder, I don't have Z Mysql ... What I do bad? I have another products
working well, as Ldapuserfolder, for example.
Thanks beforehand.

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