[Zope] Securly storing variables without session in zope

Jibin K.J jibinjohn at gmx.com
Tue Jun 14 04:38:36 EDT 2011


 I want to store values in variables to access form another page(a.k.a State management).
 Now I cannot use sessions since I have multiple Zope instances & if one fails the user need to be redirected to another Zope instance and one session is valid only for one Zope instance.
 Now my remaining options are
 1)submit a Hidden input tag using POST method 2)Passing through URL with GET method 3)Using cookies 4)Using Database(which i think is 'making simple things complex'.)
 I am not even considering the first 2 methods and I think using cookies is not secure.
 So is there a commercial or open source module that can securely(encryption etc) do cookie Management.
 if not I will have to use database.
 Please inform me,if I am missing something.
 Version - Zope 2.11.1

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