[Zope] mission accomplished [was -> Re: CMF -?-> Zope]

Eric d'Halibut eric.halibut at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 21:57:13 EDT 2011

I moved over to a linux box but stayed with this approach:

On 6/23/11, robert rottermann <robert at redcor.ch> wrote:

> as root (or using virtualenv)
> easy_install-2.6 -U ZopeSkel
> then as user zope (or what ever)
> paster create -t plone4_buildout NAMEOFNEWBUILDOUT
> python2.6 bootstrap
> bin/buildout
> and your new site is ready to start with
> bin/instance fg
> point your browser at localhost:8080/manage
> install a new plone site ..

Only here, I chose install a 'CMF Site' and bingo (well...almost) I
have exactly what I wanted! (for now <g>)

Thank you everyone! (I'm sure I'll be back...:-))

No no no, my fish's name is Eric, Eric the fish. He's an halibut. I am
not a looney! Why should I be tarred with the epithet looney merely
because I have a pet halibut?

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