[Zope] Startup process of zope

Marco Bizzarri marco.bizzarri at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 05:00:30 EDT 2011

Hi all.

I'd like to know if the startup process of a Zope2 instance is documented
somewhere. I'm looking for a detailed description of what happens from when
I type ./bin/zopectl start in one zope instance to when I end with a number
of threads waiting to serve my requests.

Since I'm actually writing it, I'd like to know if I'm duplicating work from
someone else; in case someone already did some of this work, I'd be glad to
contribute, if there is any need to.

I'd also publish whatever I've written up to now (mostly notes taken
following the code), even though it is partial in italian (of course I'll
translate it first) and quite terse.


Marco Bizzarri
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