[Zope] Hosting with zope2 y bluebream

Miguel Beltran R. yourpadre at gmail.com
Mon May 9 11:52:35 EDT 2011

2011/5/9 Miguel Beltran R. <yourpadre at gmail.com>

> Hello List
> I need a hosting for a zope2 project, It's a old code but we need it at
> least 1 year more.
> In that time we want to rework our zope2 project to bluebream.
> Someone could give us a list of hosting providers?
> If the provider supports postgresql 9.1 will be wonderful.
> Thanks
I need zope 2.11, maybe 2.14 I don't remember well right now.
Postgresql 9.1 with sha1 contrib module and others
It will be a low traffic, used by 3-5 users. Probably will be 150-200MB of
transffer by month.
I think if you gives me the server with the software already installed I can
do the maintenance myself.
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