[Zope] force the output encoding to utf-8 in page templates

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Fri Nov 11 11:43:35 UTC 2011

Hi all!

  I've a Zope2 application with Postgresql. All is ok and utf-8 but page 
templates. This means that non utf-8 data is sent to the database, and 
the database complain with:

*Error Type: DataError*
*Error Value: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xe82527 HINT: 
This error can also happen if the byte sequence does not match the 
encoding expected by the server, which is controlled by "client_encoding".

*This does not happen if I manually switch the browser encoding (Firefox 
-> View -> character encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)) and submit a form.

So my question is: how do I tell to page templates to output utf-8 
instead of iso8859-15? The output_encoding property does anything.

Obviously, changing default-zpublisher-encoding to utf-8 works, but 
other legacy applications will have problems on characted encoding.

Any idea?

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