[Zope] Conversion old.zope.org to static site

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Fri Oct 14 04:44:47 EST 2011

Try to use this mirroring software - Metaproducts Offline Explorer 

Regards, JL.

----- Puvodní zpráva ----- 
Od: "Jens Vagelpohl" <jens at dataflake.org>

> Just as a heads-up: Jim Fulton and I have converted old.zope.org to a 
> static website. This allows ZC to decommission the hardware and reduces 
> the maintenance burden for everyone involved.
> We have tried to keep all URLs intact and the site navigation working at 
> the same time, which required a little creative thinking.
> Some of you rely on resources from the old.zope.org site, such as release 
> tarballs of older Zope versions and other products. Please test and ensure 
> the files you need are still where you expect them. If you have problems, 
> just contact me off-list and I'll take a look.

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