[Zope] charset problems (utf-8)

Hugo Ramos ramosh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:06:20 UTC 2012


I've noticed charset problems displaying HTML pages.

Let's say I want to display a page using a DTML Method like this:


á Á à À ç

This page is ok and I can see the portuguese letters fine.

The problem starts when I do this:


á Á à À ç <br>
<dtml-var sometextfield>

The first line of characters shows some strange characters and the
sometextfield shows up fine even if it has the same portuguese

sometextfield comes from a mySQL server using utf-8 as charset and collation.

zope.conf has the following:

rest-input-encoding utf-8
rest-output-encoding utf-8

The browsers also have UTF-8 as the encoding (safari, firefox and
chrome) all show me the same problem.

I also noticed some strange behavior...
If I create "á Á à À ç" as a property field using ustring and call it
as <dtml-var someproperty> also gets fine in the browser.

Anyone seen this??? Double encoding maybe???


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