[Zope] "dynamic" dtml-with from string content

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Fri Feb 17 14:15:23 UTC 2012

varx = 'this is the text"
<dtml-var "_['varx']"> = <dtml-var varx> = 'this is the text"

varxx = 'varxy'
<dtml-var "_[varxy]"> = <dtml-var varx> = 'this is the text"

my_class_path is i.e. "folder1.folder_sub"


 <dtml-with "_[_.string.split(my_class_path, '.')[0]]">
 <dtml-with "_[_.string.split(my_class_path, '.')[1]]">
......your code

Some tips:

<dtml-var "restrictedTraverse(_.string.join(VirtualRootPhysicalPath,'/') + 

google: dieter chap3 zope

----- Puvodní zpráva ----- 
Od: "Niels Dettenbach" <nd at syndicat.com>

I try to define a property "my_class_path" (string) on a folder and want to
use that within a dtml-with statement - i.e.:

my_class_path is i.e. "folder1.folder_sub"

<dtml-with "folder1.folder_sub">

seems to work, but i cant find any easy way to  to use the content of the
string my_class_path within the with statement.

If i just have a single folder to get aquisition from, i just can use
something like:

 <dtml-with "_[my_class_path]">

but if i have deeper pathes in my_class_path the this doesnt work.

I just can do directly:

  <dtml-with "_['folder1']['folder_sub']">

but i can't just put "_['folder1']['folder_sub']" into my_class_path too -
this didn't works too...

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