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Wed Jul 11 09:24:25 UTC 2012

the index_html method of the Users object is what is returned from this req=
uest, which is a Page Template that displays the user information based on =
the parameter.

All of what I've said so far could be wrong, so feel free to correct me if =
I've mis-spoken. The problem I have is that this asmithS guy seems magical.=
 I can't figure out how the index_html knows to be called with the username=
 as a parameter(obviously the index_html function doesn't explicitly requir=
e the parameter).

What I BELIEVE is happening: the asmithS argument is processed before the p=
age template renders. For example, when asmithS is given, a lookup is perfo=
rmed on the database that adds variables to the REQUEST object such as Firs=
tName, LastName, etc. I can't find this happening but I think it must exist=

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