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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
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On 07/23/2012 12:55 PM, Jared Hall wrote:
> I think I have a simple question about how Zope is handling requests.
> My current task is to understand an already-written Zope web
> application.
> One thing I can't wrap my head around is this URL:
> https://mysite.com/UserManagement/Users/asmithS/
> Speaking in Zope terms, the UserManagement object is contained in the 
> top-level product. In the UserManagement object, there is a Users 
> object. That's all fine and dandy, run of the mill, 
> acquisition/containment. However, the Users object has no asmithS 
> object. In fact, asmithS is just a username, which makes the last
> field in the URL essentially a parmeter on the Users object.
> From examining the behavior of the webapp and the code itself, I know 
> that the index_html method of the Users object is what is returned
> from this request, which is a Page Template that displays the user 
> information based on the parameter.
> All of what I've said so far could be wrong, so feel free to correct
> me if I've mis-spoken. The problem I have is that this asmithS guy
> seems magical. I can't figure out how the index_html knows to be
> called with the username as a parameter(obviously the index_html
> function doesn't explicitly require the parameter).
> What I BELIEVE is happening: the asmithS argument is processed before 
> the page template renders. For example, when asmithS is given, a
> lookup is performed on the database that adds variables to the REQUEST
> object such as FirstName, LastName, etc. I can't find this happening
> but I think it must exist.

Check the code for your 'Users' object for one of the following methods:

- - '__bobo_traverse__'

- - '__getitem__'

I'm gueessing one of those is resposible for returning the object
corresponding to 'asmithS':  that object is the "here" (context) for the

Another (weirder) possibility is the '__before_publishing_traverse__'
method, which (if present) gets called when publishing traversal enters
an object:  it can munge the request arbitrarily.

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