[Zope] TextIndexNG3 Problem: Links werden nicht indexiert

Ruth Cordes r.cordes at his.de
Mon Nov 5 08:06:50 UTC 2012

Hi Andreas,
I just tried to index a zope page template object with TextIndexNG3 and noticed
that the HTML also wasn't rendered, just like it was with dtml. Strange. Perhaps
there is something wrong with my zope-instance? Or could it be that the
TextIndexNG3-Products I use don't go together well? It's
Products.TextIndexNG3-, zopyx.txng3.core-3.5.3-py2.6.egg and
zopyx.txng3.ext-3.3.2-py2.6-linux-i686.egg. I also found two older versions:
zopyx.textindexng3-4.0.1-py2.6-linux-i686.egg and
Products.TextIndexNG3-3.4.1-py2.6.egg in the "eggs"-folder. Might that cause the
Greetings, Ruth

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