[Zope] Zope and security vulnerability: 20121106

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Mon Nov 12 23:49:17 UTC 2012

Am Montag, den 12.11.2012, 11:13 -0700 schrieb Sean Upton:
> On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 5:31 AM, Marcus Schopen <lists at localguru.de>
> wrote:
>         Am Montag, den 12.11.2012, 12:07 +0000 schrieb Richard Harley:
>         > So, to clarify, does this affect plain Zope 2.10, no Plone?
>         That's still the question to me ;)
> Why not try product installation and running your instance in the
> foreground.  If anything breaks, comment out any specific inapplicable
> hotfix in __init__.py.  A brief look at the source will tell you that
> it is unlikely you should need to do this, as conditional imports
> check what to apply.

Yes, we all can go the long way of try and error and code inspection ...
without knowing anything for sure in the end.


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