[Zope] Zope Foundation patch policy

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Tue Oct 9 07:39:09 UTC 2012

Hi all,

During the discussion about new ways to host and manage code in Zope Foundation repositories one omission we had never really addressed became clear: What is the status of patches reaching us by people who have not signed the contributor agreement, e.g. code uploaded to issue trackers, or code checked into Zope Foundation repositories by people other than the original authors? We need to have guidelines that ensure that we don't end up with code exclusively owned by third parties where no ownership assignment has taken place in our repositories.

Fortunately the Plone Foundation has considered this exact issue before us and we took their well-written patch policy[1] and adapted it for our own use. Thanks to the Plone Foundation board and all those who drafted their policy.

The Zope Foundation board has voted on adopting the following text as the official Zope Foundation patch policy, binding for all Zope Foundation contributors (PDF alert):


Jens Vagelpohl

Jens Vagelpohl
Secretary, Zope Foundation Board of Directors

[1] http://plone.org/foundation/materials/foundation-resolutions/patch-policy-052011

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