[Zope] XML-RPC problem solved!!

I-Min Mau imin@egenius.com
Mon Dec 23 03:46:36 CET 2013

OK, with help of my boss we were able to get the xmlrpclib patch to work
with Authentication.

Basically I did as before, with a duplicated, modified version "xmlrpclibx",
and used it:

import xmlrpclibx

t = xmlrpclibx.BasicAuthTransport('myusername','mypassword')
# I have to create the new modified transport with this call!

s = xmlrpclibx.Server("http://....0",t)   # and passed t as argument!
print s.imin.short()

Then it worked.  I just didn't create the right object to pass in, that's
Happy Holidays again, everyone!


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