[Zope] Problem with ZPsycopgDA and unicode-output

Marcel Klapschus marcel at risclog.de
Wed May 15 14:17:11 UTC 2013

I got a problem regarding the Database Output via ZPsycopgDA Adaptor in Zope 2.9:

1. My PostgresDB is encoded in UTF-8
2. My Z Psycopg 2 DB Connector is set to UTF-8

However the output of my db over the connector is somehow wrong encoded:

An Example:

In my utf-8 db it says:
"Bitte auswählen"

The db connector, however returns the following:

print repr(dbstring)
 'Bitte ausw\xc3\xa4hlen'

As you can see, it looks like correct unicode, but in fact the leading "u" is missing
and a check with instance(dbstring, unicode) returns FALSE!
So actually it seems to give me an ordinary string but no real unicode-string!

My Question:

Is there any way to setup ZPsycopg2 DB Connector to return real unicode-strings from my DB?



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