[Zope] Zope.org fading away ..

Rich Harley richard at scholarpack.com
Wed Mar 12 12:45:04 CET 2014

On 12 Mar 2014, at 11:08, zopyxfilter at gmail.com wrote:

> Rich Harley wrote:
>> On 12 Mar 2014, at 10:05, zopyxfilter at gmail.com wrote:
>>> Rich Harley wrote:
>>>> It might be better if the whole zope project is handed over to somebody willing to move it forward.
>>> The whole Zope project is as open as an open-source project can be.
>> It’s not that Zope isn’t as open source as it can be, 
> Why?

I am not disputing Zope is/was a great open source project.

>> The problem is how to attract new developers to rebuild a Zope fit for life from 2015+. That would mean making the framework more modern in every sense but still retaining the features that made Zope great in the past like excellent security handling and a quick development cycle. This is not an easy task and would probably involve some rebranding as the Zope name is now associated with an old framework.
>>> The decade of the large application servers and frameworks is over.
>> Possibly but Zope could have moved with the times and evolved with the momentum it had 5 years ago instead of being usurped by frameworks like Django and Turbogears which any python dev would choose over Zope in a heartbeat these days if they wanted to build a scalable application. This is what needs to be addressed - or is it your opinion that Zope will die and there’s nothing we can do about it? That seems a shame to me.
> Zope lives as long as someone uses it (Plone uses it).

Plone is going the same way of declining usage and development over the last 3-5 years.

> Apart from that:
> the  project live from the contributions and contributors. The Zope
> world is kind of a legacy and it is unlikely at this will change.
> Keep it alive somehow to the point as you need by taking over
> responsibility. Do you step up for a particular task?

Good response:) No I don’t step up right now, too busy with our own codebase. But we would love to take the project forward in the future when we are a bigger company. 

Is the Zope 4 project still alive that was talked about in 2011?

> Andreas

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